A New Beginning

I started blogging on New Years Day. My first post said something to the effect of making this year the year of getting things accomplished like my book, my writing/poetry, blogging and whatever else. It is now the beginning of June, mid way, and I haven’t done o well with my to do list. I can say that I was busy up until the end of April due to being a full-time student as well as working and being a single parent but even when I found time to breathe, I didn’t inhale priority. I didn’t inhale motivation. I just did whatever came easiest for me. I can’t describe how disappointed I am at myself for not following through. It is, however, the story of my life regarding a lot of different things. I can sit here in my pity and do nothing or I can turn despair into energy and allow it to create something spectacular for me. I get the fuel I need to write amazing poems as well as great reads. I get peace of mind every time I write and somebody enjoys my work, I get inspired when I follow through with something and it is complete. So this is my note to self to keep pressing on no matter what the weather. Just as I encourage so many to strive and build on the blocks that were meant to hold them back, I too shall minister to myself that same message. The great thing about life is that you are always able to begin again. So today, I am starting over.


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